The easiest way to catch up with everything your team is working on. Wherever you are.

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CatchApp connects to the apps your team uses and brings you real-time insights for your business.


Create lists for different projects. Each list can monitor specific folders, notebooks, tags, etc. from your connected apps.

Baseball Team

Space Project


Give feedback on your team's activities - right out of CatchApp, synchronized into your app.

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Integrate your favorite apps for file sharing, project management, coding, task management and much more.

Coming soon:

On your device, on your platform

Push notifications

CatchApp informs you the instant something happens. You can toggle push on or off for each list.


Get 100 updates per month for free with CatchApp Standard. Suggest it to your friends to increase your quota up to 1000.

Upgrade to CatchApp Premium to get unlimited updates, access to premium apps such as Desk, Evernote Business or Trello Organizations and direct commenting.

  • 100 updates per month
  • increase quota with referrals (Suggest CatchApp to your friends and get up to 1000 monthly updates for free)
Premium$4.99 /mo
or $49.99 /yr
  • unlimited updates per month
  • premium apps (Desk, Evernote Business, Trello Organizations and more)
  • commenting (directly reply into Basecamp, Yammer, Box and more from CatchApp)
30-day free trial included
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